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The Outbound Hope Mission is a multi-day, live-action role playing event intended to give players the realistic, immersive experience of being aboard a space-bound starship. Hosted within the interior of the decommissioned USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan, players will be engaged in three days of exciting science-fiction adventures and missions. For the duration of the event, the Edson will be outfitted to serve as the Ascendant Dawn, a military vessel leading a fleet of colonists into the unknown. With a crew of over 100 individuals, players will need to work together – and against each other – to fulfill duties and objectives unique to their character.
Most of the Outbound Hope Mission event will be hosted aboard the USS Edson, a decommissioned Forrest Sherman-class destroyer from the Cold War era. Now a national historic landmark at the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum in Bay City, MI, the vessel’s interior will serve as the USSC Ascendant Dawn. Additional sites – all within the Bay City area – will also be used to simulate additional fleet locations.
Two separate events will be held from November 8-10 and November 15-18, 2019. Registrants will need to select which event they plan to attend.
While the two weekends will undoubtedly bear similarities, each will see an entirely different crew of participants whose actions will dramatically reshape the various storylines.
Absolutely! Most people can easily acclimatize themselves to live-action role play, especially if they have any background in other RPG’s or Murder Mystery events. Long before the event, all participants will be provided with plenty of information to help them flesh out their character and improve their overall experience. Event staff will also host various tutorials prior to the event in order to further prepare participants and familiarize them with both the ship, their roles within it, and the basic concepts of live-action roleplay.
Tickets will be available on this website beginning on the Spring of 2019.
Ticket price includes a unique character to play, appropriate uniform and props to use at the event, on-board lodging, and catered meals, drinks, and snacks. Player transportation between in-game locales is also included. Additionally, event fees help to pay for location rental, set construction, professional story development, and much more. Transportation to and from the event itself is not included, but players may request complimentary shuttle service to and from MBS International Airport. Optional hotel accommodations are available for an additional fee.
Coming to the event, players need only to bring their registration and character materials (as previously sent to them by QAG staff), comfortable and appropriate black shoes (the only component of the uniform not provided to players), and necessary undergarments, toiletries, and towels.
This event is open to anyone 21 years and older. International visitors are more than welcome to attend, with the knowledge that all in-game encounters and game materials will be provided in English.
Though the physical stamina for this event differs wildly for different character types, simply moving about the ship can be strenuous for some players. As a decommissioned military vessel, the USS Edson is filled with a number of hatches to climb through, steep ladders to descend, and occasionally-uneven floors to navigate. Moderate physical shape is recommended for players. Some characters – such as marines – will be asked to complete more strenuous tasks in combat-like situations. Players wishing to avoid these situations should indicate this in their enlistment survey.
Due to the historical and military nature of the USS Edson, there is no wheelchair accessibility on the ship.
Player characters – including their ranks and roles aboard the Ascendant Dawn – will be assigned through a combination of player and staff actions. Upon enlistment, players will sign up for a specific “class,” ranging from E to AA. Classes will place players into a particular pool of potential characters with common importance and responsibility within the overall ship. After registration, players will be asked to fill out their “enlistment survey,” which will take note of player interests, abilities, and preferences. Using this information, the Outbound Hope story team will organize players and assign them appropriate character profiles. Several months before the event, players will be given their character names, backgrounds, ranks, and roles. It is important for players to know this basic information, but players can – and are encouraged to – expand upon and develop their characters within the given framework.
Absolutely – though this is often best accomplished by signing up for common character classes. There are some instances where different classes will commonly interact (a commander and her crew, for example), but this method will not always be dependable. Relationship preferences can be indicated on the enlistment survey.
Players who cancel more than 60 days from the event will receive a full refund for any fees paid. Players cancelling within the 60 days will receive no more than 50%. Refunds within two weeks of the event are not eligible for a refund.
There are actually two: One to follow when aboard the USS Edson, and a second to follow as being a participant in the Outbound Hope event. Both are available here.
Though heavily-inspired by the Swedish Battlestar Galactica game, Monitor Celestra, the Outbound Hope Mission is not based on any specific science fiction franchise. The Outbound universe is unique and original, and based heavily off current events, themes, and future projections for our real world. Still, many players may recognize small nods to franchises like Battlestar, Star Trek, Halo, and more.
Yes! In the summer of 2019, event staff will begin to seek out volunteers to help serve as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) for various plots and missions available to Outbound participants. Volunteers will need to provide some evidence of larp or theater experience and will be thanked with meals, t-shirts, and other items. If you can’t make it as a player, you can always help out behind the scenes!
At this time, the official rule system is still in development. Given the staff desire to provide an experience that is as realistic and immersive as possible, players can expect the final system to be as minimal as possible – relying far more on player initiative and character rank.
For safety reasons, combat aboard the ship will not be permitted, though prop weapons will still be able to intimidate and demand from others. Live-action combat situations will still be possible within the overall event, though. For these, involved players will be transported to alternative locations, simulating the hostile boarding of additional vessels by military forces. In these instances, combat will be carried out using appropriate projectile launchers (airsoft, etc.).
This is currently being heavily debated among event staff. If possible, character death will be either entirely voluntary or incredibly difficult. Alternatively, world-building could permit the existence of new forms of technology that can resurrect individuals or upload their consciousness into “new” bodies.